Sunday, January 3, 2010

My thoughts on why I project Palin to win FL

My Projection!
Palin 40%
Romney 37%
Huckabee 15%
Other: 8%

1. Palin will endorse Rubio at some point. (Romney not going to endorse anyone)

Rasmussen poll shows tie: Crist 43%, Rubio 43%

When Palin endorses Rubio he will win the Primary by a landslide. In my opnion The main reason Palin has not endorsed Rubio (yet) is she does not want Crist to flip parties and run as a Democrat. (Democrats have a weak/somewhat unknown/liberal candidate for this race)

Romney is playing it smart by not endorsing anyone in the GOP races this year. why? because he does not want to risk losing his moderate (Esablishment Base) by picking a conservative like Rubio or Perry, and he does not want to risk losing to Sarah Palin when he endorses the moderate like Crist or KBH.

Romney is going the obama way: vote present.

The only problem is he risks losing a high profile endoresmet from future (biger then palin rockstar) Marco Rubio in the 2012 FL Primary.

2.Huckabee has already endorsed Rubio, But Rubio will endorse the one who gives him the most political bounce (Sarahcuda).

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