Saturday, February 13, 2010

Romney's Plan

Romney is going to make his big push soon, and sarah is going to have to deflect him.

Romney's Plan

1.Cpac speech the (stacked) Cpac straw poll
3.Start media book tour. march 1st.

Sarah should plan something to counter Romney's push.

1. Have a rally with Mccain or Rand Paul at the Same time as Romney's Cpac speech.
2. Host her first Fox news Special at the SAME TIME as Cpac.
3. endorse Marco rubio via Facebook post during Cpac.
4. Media Blitz

Romney's Speech is at 1:30 on Thursday. She should give interviews and upstage Romney's big speech day with an endorsment for Marco Rubio.

Palin Should then Plan Something before Glenn Beck's Speech on Sat.Have her first Fox Special on Sat. before or After Beck's Speech.

SAT: 5:30
Straw Poll Results and CPAC 2010: Where Do We Stand?
Marriott Ballroom
Tony Fabrizio, Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates
David A. Keene, American Conservative Union

Glenn Beck
Marriott Ballroom
Introduction: David Keene, American Conservative Union

Then Maybe She Should Have a rally With Rand Paul or Mccain on sunday

bottom Line: Because She is not going to Cpac, She will need to do something to counter Romney.

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