Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Tampa Should Host The 2012 Convention.

"Associated Press has reported that Phoenix and Salt Lake City will join Tampa as possible locations"

OK. first. Why the heck would we want to host the convention in a SOLID red state like Utah!? Does the RNC want to nominate Mitt Romney in Mormon land or something?

second. (in case your wondering)I may be a secular conservative, but I got nothing against Mormons.

third, Arizona would be ok, but not as good as Tampa.

forth, a RNC source says this about Tampa:

"I think Tampa is right there," said Joe Gruters, chairman of the Sarasota Republican Party. "And I think Florida over the last two presidential cycles has proven how important it is and Florida may once again become the swing state and that's why I think at the end of the day they'll choose Florida."

DUH! FL should be the host state every year imo :P

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