Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GOP12: PPP polling 2012 so far

To recap, here's the state-by-state polling PPP has done, thus far.

Alabama: Huck 41%, Palin 27%, Romney 20%

Colorado: Romney 44%, Palin 25%, Huck 17%

Florida: Romney 52% Huck 21% Palin 18%

Georgia: 1) Huck 2) Romney 3) Palin

Missouri: Huck 32% Palin 28% Romney 22%

New Mexico: Romney 33% Palin 32% Huck 18%

North Carolina: Huck 30% Palin 27% Romney 25%

Ohio: Romney 32% Huck 28% Palin 26%

Texas: Romney 32% Huck 29% Palin 23%

Wisconsin: Romney 32% Palin 27% Huck 23%

The news isn't all bad for Palin, though. A February Magellan Strategies survey had her winning Kentucky.


  1. The news is not bad in any way for Palin-remove Huckabee from consideration (which will most likely happen) and do you think the bulk of his support will go to Romney? Do the math on all the above and see who gets the bad news.

  2. Also,in your haste to promote Romney you forgot to mention your own March poll that showed palin leading him in a heavily Mormon state-Arizona