Saturday, January 16, 2010

Palin's Attack Plan

What should Mitt Romney expect from Sarah Palin in 2012?
Romney is the "next in line" if your an "insider", but the reality is Sarah Palin is only thing that stands in front of Mitt Romney.

Here are the two main lines of attack expected from Sarah Palin in 2012.

1."Just one of the good old boys"
Sarah Palin in her history has always effectively projected herself as the grassroots candidate, and the one that’s in-touch with the conservative base. If you have lived in Alaska like I have you would know what I am talking about. In 2006 She projected the GOP establishment as out of touch and more of the same. The fact that she is young, good looking, and a women. made this message VERY easy to craft. Unfortunately for Romney he represents everything that is the establishment candidate, and you can expect Palin to exploit this with "Beltway", "Elitist", "out of Touch", "Typical politician", "Washington D.C", and of course "just one of the good old boys"

Because Romney ran for Gov. in MA... He had to throw the Pro-life vote pretty much under the bus. This along with his support of a partially subsidized healthcare plan (Romenycare) has effectually destroyed any possible support from many conservatives, and will likely not win any states in the south. expect Palin to project herself as the only pro-life candidate.

Overall I think Palin can defeat Romney if she sticks to those two lines of attack, and presents herself as the one with a forward looking message of energy independence, economic freedom, and strong national defense. Let her supporters to do the negative ads or “dirty work” ads against Romney. The one thing that hurt Palin the most in 2008 (besides the Couric interview) was Schmitt’s decision to make Palin the attack dog. (Bill Ayers) . Voters don’t like to see negative nonsense and muck. why? Because people are depressed with job losses, and want to hear a positive, forward, message. NOT muckraking, and the last thing Sarah wants to be tagged with is the infamous “Beat the Bitch” narrative.

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